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Lilly Pilly (Syzygium australe) 'Straight and Narrow'

Lilly Pilly (Syzygium australe) 'Straight and Narrow'

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Available in 200mm sized pot. Current plant height is approx. 40cm tall.

Available in 250mm sized pot. Current plant height is approx. 80cm tall.

    • Mature height: 5m-8m tall.
    • Recommended spacing for hedging / screening: 60cm-1m apart / 1m-1.5m apart.
    • Ideal growing conditions: Full sun/partial shade.
    • Growth rate: Moderate to fast.

    Introducing the Lilly Pilly Straight And Narrow, an exquisite evergreen plant that combines elegance and functionality in one striking package. With its slender, columnar growth and lush, glossy foliage, this variety is the ideal choice for creating privacy screens, hedges, or adding a touch of green sophistication to your outdoor space. Our meticulously nurtured Lilly Pilly Straight And Narrow plants are ready to transform your landscape into a verdant haven of natural beauty and privacy.

    Key Features:

    Slender Columnar Growth: The Straight And Narrow variety lives up to its name with an upright, narrow form that makes it perfect for creating privacy screens and hedges, even in compact spaces.

    Lush Foliage: This Lilly Pilly boasts dense, dark green foliage that remains vibrant and glossy year-round, providing an evergreen backdrop of elegance.

    Fragrant Blossoms and Berries: In addition to its stunning appearance, it produces fragrant, white blossoms in spring followed by decorative red berries in summer, adding seasonal interest and attracting native birds.

    Low Maintenance: Straight And Narrow is a low-maintenance plant, making it an excellent choice for both experienced gardeners and those new to landscaping.


    For more info check out our Lilly Pilly Planting & Care Guide

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    James Corrigan
    Quality Products, Quality Operators!

    Quality Products, Quality Operators!

    Thanks James! Your new garden is going to look awesome!