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Murraya paniculata Min-a-min PBR

Murraya paniculata Min-a-min PBR

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Pot Size
- Mature height and width: 1m tall x 1m wide.
- Recommended spacing for hedging / screening: 40cm-70cm apart / 50cm-1m apart.
- Ideal growing conditions: Full sun/partial shade.
- Growth rate: Moderate.

Introducing Murraya paniculata Min-a-Min, the Dwarf Mock Orange, a delightful addition to your garden that combines compact elegance with an enchanting fragrance. With its small size and exquisite white blossoms, this variety is perfect for adding charm and fragrance to smaller spaces. Our carefully nurtured Murraya paniculata Min-a-Min plants are ready to bring beauty and scent to your outdoor sanctuary.

Key Features:

Compact Size: The Dwarf Mock Orange stays small and compact, making it an ideal choice for smaller gardens, courtyards, or container gardening.

Fragrant Blooms: This plant produces clusters of small, white, star-shaped flowers that release a sweet and citrusy fragrance, reminiscent of orange blossoms.

Glossy Foliage: Its dense, dark green leaves provide year-round interest and create a lush backdrop for the delicate blossoms.

Low Maintenance: Min-a-Min is a low-maintenance plant, suitable for both experienced gardeners and those new to cultivating fragrant ornamental shrubs.
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