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Magnolia 'Little Gem'

Magnolia 'Little Gem'

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    • Mature height and width: 3-5m Tall x 2-3m Wide.
    • Recommended spacing: 1.2-2m apart
    • Ideal growing conditions: Full sun/partial shade.
    • Growth rate: Moderate.

    Introducing Magnolia 'Little Gem,' a true gem in the world of ornamental trees. With its compact size, stunning evergreen foliage, and elegant, fragrant blossoms, this tree is the perfect addition to your outdoor garden. Our meticulously nurtured Magnolia 'Little Gem' trees are ready to bring timeless beauty and grace to your landscape.

    Key Features:

    Compact Beauty: 'Little Gem' is well-named for its manageable size, making it an ideal choice for smaller gardens, courtyards, or as a stunning focal point in any garden.

    Year-Round Appeal: This evergreen tree graces your garden with glossy, dark green leaves that provide year-round interest and a lush backdrop for its fragrant flowers.

    Fragrant Blooms: In late spring and sporadically through the year, it produces large, creamy white blossoms with a sweet, lemony fragrance that creates an inviting ambiance in your garden.

    Low Maintenance: Despite its elegant appearance, 'Little Gem' is relatively low-maintenance, making it a cherished addition for gardeners of all levels.

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