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Rhapis excelsa

Rhapis excelsa

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Rhapis excelsa "Lady Palm", "Rhapis Palm"

- Mature height: 1.5m-3m tall.
- Recommended spacing: 50cm-1m apart.
- Ideal growing conditions: Part shade/Full shade
- Growth rate: Slow

Introducing the Lady Palm, a botanical masterpiece that brings timeless elegance and natural beauty to your indoor or outdoor sanctuary. With its delicate, fan-shaped fronds and graceful demeanor, this palm variety is the perfect addition to your living space. Our meticulously nurtured Lady Palm plants are ready to transform your environment into a haven of classic allure and tranquility.

Key Features:

Elegant Fan-Shaped Fronds: The Lady Palm's intricately divided, fan-shaped fronds create a sense of refinement and grace that adds a touch of classic beauty to your space.

Versatile Use: Whether as an attractive indoor accent, a welcoming entryway plant, or a lush addition to your garden, the Lady Palm adapts effortlessly to various settings and design styles.

Low Maintenance: Known for its resilience and adaptability, this palm variety is easy to care for, making it suitable for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and those new to cultivating exotic varieties.

Air-Purifying: The Lady Palm actively contributes to your well-being by purifying the air, removing toxins, and increasing humidity levels, promoting a healthier and more refreshing environment.
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