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Atractocarpus fitzalanii (syn. Randia)

Atractocarpus fitzalanii (syn. Randia)

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Atractocarpus fitzalanii (syn. Randia) "Native Gardenia"

- Mature height: 4-6m tall+ x 2-4m wide depending on climate.
- Recommended spacing for hedging: 1.5-3m apart.
- Ideal growing conditions: Full sun-partial shade.
- Growth rate: Moderate

Noteworthy: Australian Native, Attracts pollinators, Evergreen.

Tolerant: Coastal areas. Heavy rains and drought once established.

Uses: Backyard small shade tree, Hedge/Screen, Privacy, Windbreak, feature tree, pot/container plant.

Colour/Growth form: Broad-glossy dark green leaves, clusters of white scented starry-shaped flowers in Spring followed by edible brown-yellow fruits, canopy-forming growth habit.
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